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30 days of encouraging your hubby- Day 1

A friend of mine posted a link to this challenge “30 days of encouraging you husband” on her facebook this evening so I looked into it.  Not necessarily something one needs to write about but I decided that I would so that it would be another daily reminder to myself.  The rules are simple.  Every day for 30 days-You cannot say anything negative or critical about your husband to your husband or to anyone else, about your husband.  And you must say something positive or admirable about your husband to your husband and to someone else, about your husband.  This is the link if anyone else is interested in signing up to do this and getting a daily email reminder.

So I have to decided to do this by sharing with you, whoever you are reading this now.  I will tell you something positive about my husband every day.  And I will tell him something positive every day.  Not necessarily telling you both the same thing, however getting my positive thing about my husband for the day and sharing what positive thing I told him.

Tonight I just called him while he is at work, working hard for our family, to tell him I loved him and that I’m lucky to have him.  A relatively short phone call because he is busy at work, but I could tell that just those few words brightened his night.  🙂  However, I know my challenge with myself will be to not say anything negative or critical to him.  I tend to nag a lot.  Not because I think it’s the thing to do, I just do.  And I’m not proud of that.  I think that’s mostly why I’ve decided to take on this challenge and to also blog about it.   So I can do it and stick to it.  And also note any and all positive results from it.

My positive to share with you, the someone else in this equation, would also be that I am lucky to have this man as my husband.  He does the very best he can to take care of me an our kids and I must say he does a great job.  I don’t know what I’d do without this man in my life.   He works hard, he plays hard and he loves hard.  I love him!


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